Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today I did our grocery shopping and I saved us $138.00 in coupons/sales! Yeah me! I spent $144.00 total. I wanted to share one of the great finds I had you can go do the same! If you cut your Sunday coupons this week-you saw $3.00 off of any Bic Soleil razor with cartridges, AND $3.00 off any refill cartridges. At Walgreen's this week they have a STORE coupon for $3.00 off either one of these items. So, if you put the two coupons get a $6.99 razor for only .99 cents! I bought 4 papers this week so I got 4 razors and 4 refill packs for .99 cents each! So, for $7.92 + tax , I got $55.92 + tax worth of razors! FYI-if you do go out to Walgreen's to snatch up such a great deal...know that you ONLY need ONE of their store coupons, no matter how many you purchase! When it gets scanned at the register it will automatically deduct $3.00 for EVERY razor/refill you bought! It saves you from having to cut out multiple store coupons! You will still need one manufacturer's coupon for every item you purchase though.
Another great deal I got today was 450 Ziploc baggies for FREE! This one will depend on the area you live in and the Target you shop at though. My Target had 25 count Ziploc baggies on clearance (they are packaged a bag, not a box) for .50 cents. Well, there was recently a coupon for $1.00 off of ANY 2 Ziploc baggies. So, I had 9 coupons and I bought "18" -25 count bags for FREE!! Many people (including the cashier) do not realize that it is the WORDS on the coupon NOT the picture that matters when using a coupon. The Ziploc coupon had a picture of "boxes" of Ziploc bags...but it said ANY Ziploc baggies. Remember to READ the print. The cashier called a manager just to make sure and of course the manager said it was perfectly fine! Just a couple of tips for the week! Happy savings!

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