Saturday, October 4, 2008


We were sitting in the living room watching TV when Brett asks "why is there a dog in our back yard?". We ran outside to find a strange dog that had managed to dig his way under our privacy wooden fence into our yard! He is a really cute dog........but we do not need another dog!!! We already have three! Brett and the kids have already gotten attached to it, they have given him a bath and a NAME! Rocky! I, on the other hand, have put up signs all over the neighborhood announcing that we have found a dog! Spencer spent about 45 mins reading to the dog and then he got out all his stuffed dogs and made up stories, using the stuffed animals as "visual aids", for the dog. He sat there and read to that dog and talked to that dog until the dog went to sleep!! I know I look like the "bad guy" here but really.......we do NOT need another dog!! I will keep you all posted on what happens!! Anyone want a dog??? CALL ME!
UPDATE: after a very stressful afternoon, dealing with our OWN dogs....(scruffy escaped through the hole "rocky" dug to come into our yard!)-I was more determined than ever to find the dog's owner! I went up and down our street-door to door......finally I got a tip that someone 2 streets away was looking for their dog earlier. So, the kids and I walked up and down that street until we found "rocky's" home. Turns out-his name is "scruffy"! The dog belongs to a little boy who has been searching frantically for him all day long. When we arrived at the house-the boy was with his aunt driving to a dog shelter in Land O Lakes! I am glad that we were able to find the dog's home! I know that the little boy is going to be so happy to see his long lost puppy! Spencer cried. He was sitting on the couch, eating a Popsicle, when he busted out crying!! He said " I loved that dog, he liked me, he was nice to me". I felt really bad for him but I tried to explain that he would want someone to bring "lady bug" (his dog) back to him if she got lost. Anyhoo-I am glad that we STILL have "only" 3 dogs!!

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