Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eye doc

I just came back from the eye doctor-the appt went very well! I am still listed as a "glaucoma suspect" (as I have been for the past 4 years because I have enlarged optical nerves)-but thankfully, everything looks the same as my last check up! My pressures were dead center for where they should be! I am trying out a different kind of contacts this time. I am switching from "o2 optics" to "oasis"-they gave me a trial pair that I am wearing now-I am going give them a shot this week and next week I go back to let him know what I have decided. So far -so good!

I nearly had a "panic attack" in the office though-funny story! The doctor put the numbing drops and the dilation drops into my eyes and with in minutes-my THROAT started going numb!! I felt like it was closing in on me! I have had these drops countless times and this had never happened before! I asked him if it was possible that the drops drained into my sinuses and he said that it does happen-rarely, but it happens. I thought I was crazy at first-but the feeling was so overwhelming that I knew that it had to be from the drops. It is finally starting to wear off-thank God!

This afternoon I have to go meet the PE coach at school. I may have been "suckered" into being the new girl's basketball coach. Not sure how that happened exactly-I never played basketball! I CHEERED for basketball-but never played. Maddie really begged me to take the position since she wants to be on the team. We'll just have to see what the coach says today. I told him on the phone that I was willing to HELP out with the team-I hope they find someone else who knows the "ins and outs" of B-ball and who can actually PLAY!

UPDATE: I met with the coach-and I found out that the team is for 6th grade and up. There was a miscommunication between the teachers, students and parents. Anyhoo-Brooke wants to play on the team and if we decide to let her than I MAY help out with coaching. But truthfully, I am hoping that we will skip B-ball season this year. Esp-since she really only wants to play because her friends are playing. She usually does not show interest in B-ball.

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