Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Upcoming B-days

Madeline's and Spencer's birthdays are in October (Maddie's is Oct. 22 and Spencer's is Oct 23). This year Maddie turns "double digits" and she is so excited!! When Brooke turned 10 we threw a massive "50's" themed party and took the kids to get ice cream in a limo. So, of course we are planning big things for Madeline's special year too! We have decided that she can invite a few girls over for a party and then we are taking them all in a limousine to see the movie "High School Musical 3"! She is going to have an awesome b-day this year!! Since we are only having a few girls (she has invited 5) and since Brett is getting the limo for free (he will be our driver)-it will not be too expensive. For Spencer's party we are going to have a few friends meet at the park-so he can play sports with them (his fav thing to do!) .
I can hardly believe that Maddie will be 10 and Spencer will already be 8!! Where does the time go??

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