Monday, September 15, 2008

Yesterday we went down to the lake to feed the animals-it was really nice to be able to do that again. It always amazes me how many animals congregate around us so quickly! Before we went to the lake we stopped off at the new church building that our church is leasing to soon start a satellite church. Brett and I are looking forward to helping out in the new church. We are still gonna keep our kids in our church for Wednesday nights but, at least until it is up and running, we are going to help out with the new church on Sundays. I am going to be doing the "before and after" pics of the new building-our church will be putting a lot of work into it, getting it cleaned up and painted.

I sold my inversion table on craig's list tonight-I sold it for $100. I could have gotten more for it probably-I had several people telling me that they wanted it-but I am happy with the amount that I got-when I bought it I got a really good deal on it so I am not taking that much of a hit on it. I can not use it anymore-since the purpose of it was to separate the vertebrae and I am trying get mine to fuse together.

Anyway-I just wanted to update everyone on the last couple of days.

Brett poured water over Brooke's head.

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