Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Alright-it is TMI but.....I just spent 30 mins trying to get a piece of dental floss out of my teeth! It is still stuck in there-SERIOUSLY stuck! Do you think it will work its way out? I tried getting it out with more floss-but now, I can not even get a piece of floss in there! I tried scrapping it with the dental tool. Now, I am chewing gum-hoping it will stick to the floss and pull it out! This is crazy-I may end up calling the dentist tomorrow. Do things like these only happen to me? OK-I am done with the dental talk. There is not much I leave out of this blog-huh?

Today I have been really sore. I did go for a walk this morning but I only made it about 35 mins. I guess that is to be expected, since I did too much yesterday. I called my surgeon 2 times today-I only got his voice mail so I left messages. I wanted to see if he would release me to drive and help Brett some by next week. I do not want to wait until my appt on the 24th. I am nervous about trying to do new things-I am gonna have to trust God to protect me. I talked to someone online today who had a "lesser" surgery than I did-he did really well and was back to normal within a few weeks-but, he is now 12 weeks post op and his pain is "back with a vengeance"-that scares me a little. I will have to learn to listen to my body and "stop" when I need to "stop"-but every mom knows that the world does not stop when we do! I have been so fortunate to have the world stop (or almost stop) for me these last 5 weeks (can you believe it has been 5 weeks already?). I am just so ready to be "better"and "normal"-ok, you can stop laughing now-I mean "normal" for me! (as I chew my gum-praying that I can get this floss out!)

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