Friday, September 12, 2008

He will not "pull the plug"! Brett and I were having our coffee after dinner tonight (which was from Pizza hut-Thanks Michelle!)at the same time I was busy filling out paper work to send in to my new doctor. At the time of my surgery I was given a "living will" form-my nurse that comes out to the house told me that I need to make sure that who ever I choose to "execute" my living will needs to be strong enough to fulfill my wishes (ie "pull the plug"). So, while I was finally getting around to filling out the paper work, I asked Brett if he'd be able do it. I said I'd not want to be kept on the machine more than a couple of weeks-he said "but what if you would have gotten better in 2 weeks and 1 day?". I asked him how long he would keep me alive like that and he answered "at least a year"! OMG-I told him that I would just call Karen and ask her to be listed on the will! I can not believe that he'd let me lay there for one year!! He says that new technology may come out within that year....yada yada yada.
Then, he says what he always says when he does not want to think about something (like our girls getting married!) "Well, the Lord is gonna come back before then anyway!" I can never get him to talk about the "what ifs" of life. I guess this may be too personal to be sharing with the "world" and it really is not a laughing matter but truthfully, if I ever thought I would need a living will-I would not be joking around about it. I just laughed when I thought about him letting me "suffer" for 365 days! As I type he is saying " you a chance to come back to your family for 365 days!"

Bottom line?....

Karen....I will need you to sign some papers when you come over ! Brett is now yelling "don't do it Karen!"

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