Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not much has changed the last couple of days-pain level is still the same (bearable even w/o Tylenol). Last night I woke up at 12:30 am when Brett came home from work (his limo job) and I took off the brace. It felt so good to sleep without the brace(for the 1st time!)-it is made of solid plastic-it is very hot and not at all comfy! I made it until about 7:00 am until I had to get up and go to the bathroom-It has to be on me unless I am laying flat so I had Brett put it back on .I am still worried about every little move I make, every time I roll over or reach for something and I feel that "pull", I get scared. I know that the screws, rods,cage.....that they put in me must be pretty tough but I still worry. I am sure with time I will forget that they are even there!
I actually got out today (shhh....don't tell on me!). We went to WalMart to buy Brooke some knee guards for volleyball. She is on the team at their new school! I think it will be a good way for her to make friends. Anyhoo, WalMart was NUTS (isn't it always?)-I think it was even more crazy because the threat of a hurricane and since school starts tomorrow. It was kinda hard walking through the store with my walker-slow as ever-while there were so many people there. I am worn out! No the less, it was nice to get out for a few minutes. So........tomorrow the "babies" all start school :( . Brooke is now in 7th grade, Madeline is in 4th and Spencer is in 2nd. As most of you know, they are going to a Christian school this year, such an answer to prayer! They got a full scholarship to attend and we are so excited about it.
The craziness at the McCann household is still in full swing-but I know that God is still faithful. I have been getting overwhelmed by everything -we have had electric issues(they say it will cost $2,500 to repair!), plumbing issues, budget issues -paid our power bill 2 days before they were to cut it off! (That has NEVER happened!) on top of focusing on getting better it has been a rough road. But, you know what? I am still in a good place-I know that God is still in control and He still has a plan for us. Brett's jobs have been very slow the last few months-but thankfully, our needs are not met by his jobs. God is not limited! My Mom buying us all the groceries/supplies that she bought (she stocked us up for months at SAM's club!), and all the church people and my friends bringing us supper each night is really going to help out our budget this month. I am real.....remember? I do not want to waste any experience that God can use to help someone else or bring glory to His name. God has blessed us in so many ways! If I had to choose between the blessing of financial abundance or the blessings that we now have.....without a thought-I would choose the blessings we have! One day, we may have both-but even if we don't, I am blessed beyond measure! Our marriage is insane (in a good way :)! We laugh and love and respect/prefer each other. It is greater than any dream I could have had growing up, imagining my Prince charming! Our children are healthy and brilliant (if I may say so myself)! We own our home (as humble as it may be-it is a warm place), we have transportation (there was a time before when we didn't)......I could continue-but I think you get the point. We are blessed! God is good-God is faithful-His Word is still true!

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