Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Doctor's appt.

Today I went to USF for my doctor's appt. I got all the staples removed-I am so glad to get rid of them! It hurt like "the devil" as they pulled them out one by one-I kinda thought (hoped) they would numb the area first but I had no such luck. My sweet husband's hand was purple by the time they finished taking them out-I squeezed the life out of him! The doctor said I am doing well-he told me that I need to be more patient with myself and I needed to remember that I am only 2 weeks post op. He also told me that I can not drive for THREE months!:( Since both our cars are stick shifts I will not be able to drive. If I had an automatic it would only be about 6 weeks. I am not sure what I am going to do about that-Brett wants to check on getting an automatic car, but I do not think that is such a great idea since we'd probably be "upside down" on the "Vue".
I got my medical records from the hospital today, I was a little stunned by what I read. I found out that the surgeon took bone from my hip (which I knew about) but he also took bone from my spine and he also used cadaver bone from a bone bank. He never mentioned using cadaver bone nor did he mention using both spine and hip bone for the bone graff. Not such a big deal I guess, but I just want to know everything that was done to me. Let's see...I also found out that he did do the facet fusion too. All the other "stuff" in the OR report was foreign to me-a lot about the type of drills, screws, rods, and cage that he used. I also got the report from my stomach xray that was ordered since I could not stop throwing up. I have not blogged about the whole thing but when I was in the hospital the nurse came in and told us that he reviewed xray and he asked my Mom if I have kidney dialysis-she told him "no" but asked him "why?". He would not answer her. Then, the next shift nurse came in and told us that she reviewed the xray and asked if I had a kidney "stint". We never found out why the were asking such questions but I read the report and it says that I have a suggestion of a "peritoneal dialysis catheter" (whatever that is!). Anyhoo, I am going to get that checked out once I am feeling better. I've had frequent kidney infections in the past and both my girls had a kidney disorder (Brooke had surgery but Maddie's corrected on its own) so I am a little bit concerned. I know that I will get it all worked out though. Well, I am tired from my "big day out". I'll keep in touch!

Update: Gotta love google....I found out that the peritoneal dialysis catheter is actually a catheter that they use for kidney dialysis (kinda what I figured). I have never had anything like that before so how would something like that get inside me?! I just hope that the surgeon did not leave anything behind when he did my surgery!

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