Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weigh in

Well-I weighed in at home today and I lost 5 lbs on "Core" this week! Of course, that just puts me back to where I was before we went to Cross City-but still, I am happy with that! My "official" WW weigh in is on Saturday but, since I knew I gained some weight since my last weigh in, I knew that it would not be an accurate gauge on my actual loss this week. I liked following Core-although I really did not follow it perfectly (I ate whole wheat pizza, and we went out for supper one night)-I am still stuck in "flex" mode. I liked not having to count points (although, I did a few days just to make sure I was not going overboard)-I did not like having to plan my meals to make sure they were core, and I did not like not being able to eat out without spending 15 (of my 35) flex pts. I did eat healthier this week, with less processed foods and "diet" junk food (aka-100 calorie packs). Anyhoo...I wanted to let everyone know that I lost 5 lbs!! Yippee!

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