Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MRI results

I picked up the MRI films and reports today so I can take them to the neurosurgeon tomorrow-I could not help but "peek" at them myself. Thankfully, the tumor has remained stable!! Yippeee! There are also a lot of "foreign" words on the reports-mostly in my low back-there is nothing new with my neck (thank God) and there is a normal hemangioma in the middle of my back. Here is what the report says-maybe one of you know what it means! L-4 and L-5 there are "large Schmorl's deformities present" (I think that means herniate discs ??) and they have "suspicion for diskitis" in L-5 - S-1 (this is an inflammation/infection-from what I gather and they recommend I have a "WBC scan" to confirm it. My primary doctor is not a fan of "radiation" as she asked me "how much radiation do you want!?"-when I showed her the order, from another doctor, for x-rays. So, I do not know if she will order the test or not-or if my neurosurgeon would be the one to order it.) It will be a while, I am assuming, before I get an appt with the neurosurgeon-but I will let you know if I find anything else out before then! I just pray that they get to the bottom of all this "junk" and get me all "fixed up"-good as new!! I am TRULY believing that I am going to be completely whole at the end of all of this. Completely well! Please believe that with me and pray for God to give us wisdom on how to go about all of it! Thanks!!

Update: My primary doctor just called-she told me that the radiologist actually called her while I was still at the outpatient center yesterday-he told her about the suspected infection and the WBC (white blood count) scan that he felt needed to be ordered. As I expected, she is hesitant about ordering the test-she wants to leave it in the hands of the neurosurgeon. I hope that he gets around to looking at the reports and films quickly-in case it is an infection-so they can get started on treating it.

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