Thursday, June 12, 2008

Medical update

I got an appt with the neurosurgeon-July 1st. We'll see what he has to say. His office told me when I dropped off the films that he would be viewing my films "not to see if I have a problem but to see if he would be able to help" and they also said that appts were not on a first come-first serve basis but rather the appts were given out based on the patients needs. Hopefully that means that he will be able to "fix" me! :) My doctor ordered yet another MRI in July and she also ordered more blood work-to see if there is an infection as the MRI suggest. I read on the web that blood work is the least reliable way to tell if there is a spinal infection-so we'll have to see if it shows up (do doctors not have access to the Internet?!). Her assistant told me that she did not even know what a "WBC scan" was when I asked her why the doctor did not just order it (instead of a bunch of other "stuff")-I had to tell her what the test was-I guess assistants do not have computers either. I guess I am just a little bit "testy" right now-you'll have to try to just over look my attitude. Anyhoo, I go for the blood work tomorrow, see the neurosurgeon on July 1st and the MRI on July 18th. I just wanted to keep everyone updated on my "mess". Thank you-for all those asking!

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