Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just sharing..

Last night Brett and I took the kids out to eat and to the dollar theatre. We ate out at "Longhorn"-(nothing----NOTHING "Core" on the menu! But, I did order wisely and when I got home I looked up the "points" and it was only "7"). After dinner we went to see "College Road Trip"-it was refreshing to watch a movie without a single curse word in it! I thought that it was cute-I ended up crying my eyes out at the end though! Even Spencer burst into tears on the way home! I guess it had him thinking about leaving his school next year and "never, ever" seeing his best friend (Edwardo). He ended up crying himself to sleep-clutching a picture of him and his friend! It was a sad site to see! This morning I was snuggling with Bubba and I told him that I needed to get up and go for a walk-he said "no mommy! Don't go-it takes like 2 hours!" I told him that I needed to get healthy and he said "well, go eat some grapes!". I thought it was funny-his thoughts can be so simple sometimes and he takes things so literally, but then again, out of no where, he will have some profound thought that will just amaze me! I did get up and go for my walk and I enjoyed it (even though it was so muggy). Today, I have to take Maddie to dance practice at the church, run a few errands and then we are going to "Toys R Us" to try out the new "3D sidewalk chalk"-they have events for the kids all summer long and today they are letting the kids demo the chalk. I think I am more excited than the kids are!! (I know....not normal-but who cares? Have you seen that commercial!?). Well, just thought I'd share our night and our day today with everyone!

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