Thursday, May 8, 2008

Weight Loss-#3

Here are a few of my favorite quotes-I use them for motivation!

"If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you do not want to do something, you will find an excuse." I can not stand to hear people make excuses for anything! (I have made my share though!). Sometimes, I think people even have themselves believing their excuses. Sad. If we only knew what we are really capable of!

"Successful people do what they least want to do at the time they least want to do it." -I use this one to motivate me for exercise. I used to have to get up before dawn to go for a walk (when my kids were small)-and I HATE waking up early!

"The Lord did not do it all in one day, what makes you think that you can?" Just as we can be lazy and make excuses, we can give up because we expect too much of ourselves-too soon. We did not become overweight overnight! Why is it that we expect to see results overnight?

"I have EVERYTHING I need to be the very best ME that I can be!" So many times the reason we are unhappy with ourselves is because we compare ourselves to someone else (or EVERYone else!). God made us unique! We may never look like we belong on the cover of a magazine-but we DO have the ability to be the very best we can be! Try to work on being the best YOU-you can be. Don't become discouraged and give up just because you think you will never "measure up". WHO does!?!

" We are all artists and our creation is in the living of our lives."-Now, try not to over analyze this one. Simply put, are we "living life", or are we "surviving" life? Trust me on this one-if we are walking around with a 100lbs to lose-we can not be truly living life to the fullest. I know-there are people who claim to be content-even happy-with their extra 100 lbs -but I know the difference, I have been on "both sides of the fence". It is not that I was miserable when I was so overweight-I was happy in life, but struggling. However, I was NEVER happy with being overweight and I was so tired of my life being consumed by losing it. We need to get back to the business of LIVING our lives (no matter what "issue" keeps you from doing so). I realize I may have just lost a lot of readers-but I am about keeping it real. No more lies-we lie to ourselves and people lie to us-"so no one gets hurt"-but is it working? Is "no one" really getting hurt? Think about it.

"Treat yourself to something beautiful, you deserve it-just for being you!" On a more positive note :)....
we need to treat ourselves the way we treat our friends and our family. We need to see the value that each of us holds-value that has NOTHING to do with our size!! I challenge each of you (that are still here)-start treating yourself TODAY they way you imagine you will when you reach your goal. Losing weight does not make you any more valuable or worthy. You are worth every bit as much NOW as you ever will be! Begin to see your own value and begin to treat yourself with dignity and respect. You will be amazed at how learning to do that will effect the choices you make for yourself.

Again, I hope that I have not been to harsh-please believe me when I say it is because I care and I am sad when I see how we choose food over life (sometimes literally). I also want to clarify that I do not JUDGE ANYone based on their size. I know that there are many different reasons why some people are overweight-sometimes medical reasons, beyond one's control-sometimes it is a way to cope with things too painful to face (BEEN there DONE that!)-sometimes, it is simply because we have "slacked off a bit" or because we have put the needs of others above our very own BASIC needs. Regardless of what your reason is-changes can be made-steps can be taken into the direction of a better YOU!

Love you all and wishing you all well!!

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