Thursday, May 8, 2008


Tonight we are all going to walmart-Brett is making me a special Mother's day lunch on Sunday and he insisted on shopping for the ingredients himself. When we were dating he used to come visit me in Lakeland (where I attended college) and he would bring me picnic lunches. He makes this amazing gourmet croissant sandwich-it has turkey, sprouts,tomato,cream cheese, American cheese and a tangy salad dressing. I am insisting that he takes me along on his shopping trip tonight-so I can be entertained by him trying to find his way around the grocery store!! Once, when I was pregnant with our first child, we went to the store to buy "cocoa butter" (it is SUPPOSED to prevent stretch marks-but it did not work!)-when we entered the store he started walking to the left (where the dairy section is) and I began walking to the right (where the health and beauty isle was)-I asked him where he was going and he said to find the cocoa butter! I laughed so hard!! He thought that "cocoa butter" was CHOCOLATE butter!! Anyways-I am sure that the grocery store trip tonight will be very interesting! On a side note-Spencer is VERY excited about Mother's day! He has been making me things and hiding them for about 2 weeks now, he is literally counting down the days until Mother's day! It is really kind of cute!

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Jennie said...

That sandwich sounds yummy ! Spencer is so cute making you stuff. Chelsea asked me what I wanted for Mothers Day. Of course I told her I wanted her to clean her room.