Monday, March 17, 2008

Toby Mac

Last night was the Toby Mac concert-Brett and I bought the girls tickets for Christmas, we only purchased 3 tickets since the concert was originally scheduled for a Saturday (Brett works on Saturdays and Bubba would not sit through a concert). The concert was rescheduled for Sunday-I still planned on me and the girls going alone since the seats were assigned and we would not all be able to sit together if we purchased another ticket for Brett. Brett did not want me to have to drive since it was in Tampa and it bothers my back to drive for long distances (I do better stretched out with the seat layed back)-Brett INSISTED that he drive us there and he planned on sitting out in the car while we were in the concert. I felt really bad thinking that he would be out there waiting on us-but he insisted! When we were walking up to the ticket gate we were approached by a guy wanting to sell us tickets-I showed him our tickets and he agreed to trade my 3 tickets (cheap seats) for 4 VIP tickets-for $80.00. I, being the bargin hunter that I am, talked him down to $50.00! So, for that extra $50.00 Brett got in and we got dead center seats so close that Toby Mac could "spit on us" (as Maddie put it!)! We ALSO got access to the VIP room-where they served dinner-NO charge and have private bathrooms. The concert ROCKED! My girls were SO excited and the had so much fun! We even got to meet a couple of the band members after the show (we hung out a while after the concert hoping to meet Toby)! The girls got their T-shirts signed too. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I was allowed to bring in my camera-I was stopped at the door and they almost did not let me in with it (no pro cameras allowed) but when they called the security guard over, he recognized us, from a church we went to years ago, and he let me in with it!! While I was taking pics-a friend of Jeremy Camp's drummer (Jeremy opened for Toby) came over to me and told me that the drummer would like me to email him the pics that I had taken . I actually got some really good pics-I now need to find the time to edit them and email them to the guy. So, to end my story, we had so much fun and we made memories that will last a lifetime!!