Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kmart doubles coupons again...

Sunday through Saturday Kmart will be doubling coupons again! The aggravating thing about it is this time they will only double up to .75 cents :( BUMMER! Anyhoo...just wanted to let you all know....just in case you haven't already heard. I doubt that I will be making a trip there this time...... it is just really hard to accept that they dropped it from $2.00 to .75! I usually do not use anything coupon than $1.00 there (making it $2.00 on double coupon weeks).

Just a note.......I wanted to remind everyone that every time that you "click" on one of my "google ads" I get paid! There are some great offers there so don't forget to check it out from time to time! Be cautious to not "over click" that raises a "red flag" and will likely cause google to pull their ads. I am using all the money raised from the ads to put toward my upcoming surgery!

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