Sunday, April 5, 2009

My date and Spring Break

Today Brett took me out on a Birthday date! We went shopping (so I could spend my Birthday money!) and we went to Sweet Tomatoes (they are having a Lemon fest this month...the lemon pasta was soooooooo good!). I got 3 new shirts, 3 pairs of capris, some Victoria's Secret coconut body spray and lotion and VS honeydew lotion and spray (I had a VS gift card and a $10 Q!) ! I love being able to shop and actually BUY something for myself...but I must admit, I had some major guilt about it! Anyhoo, I enjoyed my night out with Brett.
Maddie was REALLY sick last night and this morning. I took her to the urgent care center today, she was running a fever and had a sore throat, the doc said that he thought she had strep throat-but I am happy to report that she is SOOO much better now! We have been praying hard for her! We will be leaving first thing tomorrow morning to spend Spring Break with my parents in Cross City...the kids are SO excited about that! I am excited too...I miss my Mama and Daddy!
Anyhoo, I will not be back in town until Easter no one file a "missing persons" report on me when you do not see any recent posts! Brett will still be here...he has to work :( . I hope that you all have a great Spring Break! See you next week!

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