Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Woo hoo!

I got to meet Brett for lunch today, we ate at Subway.....I am REALLY excited about going to The Melting Pot on Sunday-to celebrate our anniversary!! It is my favorite place to eat!! The food is so good that it is INSANE!!

I also did my grocery shopping today and I was so excited to see how much I saved at Publix!! I spent $121.58 and I SAVED $170.45!!
At Walgreen's I bought 8 jars of peanut butter (on sale for $1.99, minus the -.60 cents off coupon from this week's paper= $1.40 each!), 2 packs of Razors ($1.21 each-with the $2.00 coupon from this week's paper!!), 4 sunsilk hair products (on clearance for $1.19, minus -$2.oo off of 2 coupon=.19 cents each!), 1 Maalox (also on clearance-and I had a coupon), and 1 Similasan ear product, my total was $17.37 and I got a $10.00 register reward to use on next week's deals!

The biggest find at Publix was the whole wheat pasta-b1g1 free -.55 cents off of each=2 for .29 cents! Lysol spray cleaners were b1g1 -$1.00 off each one=2 for .69 cents!
Happy Shopping!!

***I just added up all the savings (listed at the bottom of my receipts) and between Publix, Target and Walgreen's today I SAVED $275.73 (NOT counting the $10.00 in register rewards I earned at Walgreen's) !! I spent less than $150.00 total!***


michelle said...

Okay, I didn't do as well as could I, you wear the is what I bought at Walgreens, and the savings:

Crest toothpaste (6)
$2.49each -1.50(c) paid .99 each

Colgate toothpaste (3)
$2.19 each-1.50(c) paid .69 each

Bic razors/4 pack (6)
$3.21-2.00(c) paid $1.21 each package

Loreal lip stuff (2)
$1.29-1.00(c) paid .29 each

LaCross nail file (1)
$2.19-2.00(c) paid .19

Maybelline mascara (2)
plus $2.00 off Walgreens Reward Bucks
paid 3.99 for 2

Spray stuff for Brandee's hair. Didn't have a coupon, but it was on sale for 1.59 each/2

Paid: $27.29
Walgreens Savings: $49.77
Coupon Savings: $35.00
Total savings: $84.77

Not bad for my 2nd week of couponing...thanks soo much! =]

Sherri Walker-McCann "sha" said...

Woohoo!! YOu did great!! So glad that you have "caught on", other than Jennie, I have only talked to one other person from the class (Liz)...she has caught on too!! I have to heard from anyone else...have you?

michelle said...

These ladies need to step up and start saving! Mai Grace made a comment on her FB about clipping the's worth it! =] Not aware if she has gone to the store, or not...Melissa and I went to Walgreens together yesterday, and she saved too. =]

I read that you are doing another class, where and when? Since I missed a bit of 'our' class, I would like to join another one. Thanks!

Sherri Walker-McCann "sha" said...

I am not sure of the definite dates will be at Impact Family Church-that will be a while-I think. The other one may be sooner-I am waiting for the lady to set a date. I will let you know!! Read my blog- I just posted about the deals I found today!!