Monday, January 12, 2009


This morning I met Carol for breakfast at Panera bread....we chatted until about 11:00 am, I have enjoyed getting to know her all over again! Then, I ran to CVS to get this week's deals and I also ran back to Walgreen's! At CVS they have "Soyjoy" bars (a 6 pack) for $6.00 and you get $6.00 in ECBs back! There is a limit of 5, but once I got my 5, the receipt still said I was eligible for this deal (usually when you reach your limit, it say "offer limit reached")-so I got 5 more boxes....for FREE-since there is no tax on food!I actually made a buck on the deal-since I had a $1.00 off coupon. So I got $60.00 in reward bucks back and only had $1.03 out of pocket cost (since I did not want to break a $2.50 reward buck for just $1.00-you lose the remaining amount, since they do not give ECBs back as change). I also got another pack of "nuta-trim" gum-now I have reached that limit. SO, always check your receipt-at the bottom it will tell you if you have reached your limit or not-do not just go by the signs or ads!

At Walgreen's I got another 8 tubes of Colgate, 12 tubes of Aquafresh, 4 boxes of Equal and 2 cans of OUST! The only thing I paid for was the Aquafresh...which were .24 cents-minus the overage from the Colgate so, more like .12 cents each!

The picture above is just what I got today!............and YES, there are still products left on the shelf......for NOW, so hurry!

The girls have been trying to attract birds to our bird bath and our feeder-we bought another feeder, that is SUPPOSED to be squirrel proof, but those stankin' rodents are SMART! They have figured out how to hold on the the pole and not put too much weight on the feeder, so it will not close off the food doors! Anyhoo, I bought the bird seed that said "attracts red cardinals"-not really thinking that it would attract anything but doves (which is what we normally see)-but the last several days we have a red cardinal "couple" (the girls can tell male and female apart!) who comes to eat and drink in our back yard! I love to look out of our huge back window and see them!! It is so sweet! It reminds me how God provides for ALL His creation!

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