Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday morning, after "hitting the gym", I went to Tanya's house for coffee-I just love her house, it is so beautiful and I enjoyed her company tremendously! Tanya bought me the cutest travel mug-with my initial on it! I just love it! I need to take a pic so I can post it! She also bought me a "I Love Lucy" calendar for my purse.....along with some chocolate goodies! She pulled my name at Christmas-and since she was not able to make it to the December GNO-I have not even seen her!
I am so blessed to have a few people in my life that I can REALLY open up to, and share that bond with! I do not take it for granted-not even a little! I remember a time in my life when I was STARVING for that closeness-and I can not thank God enough for sending me my "sisters"!

Last night I went out with Karen and was supposed to be our monthly "Girl's night out"-but several of the "girls" were unable to attend! Never the less, Karen and Jodi and I went and we had a great time together! We ate at Ruby Tuesday's-LOVE the salad bar there! Karen and I then went on to see the movie "Bride wars"-it was a cute movie, but once again, I do not think it merited a "PG" rating! Kinda scary how the last 2 "PG" movies I have seen had so much "PG-13" stuff in them! I guess America will just continue to lower the standards-until we can not even turn on our TVs! Perhaps it is already near that point now! It just angers me-it angers me even more that there is nothing I can do about it! Anyhoo-I thought the movie WAS "PG-13"-Brooke told me today that it was "PG"-that her friend saw it and told her all about it.

Now, I must go to the dentist...yuck! It is just for an exam-I will have to come back for a cleaning (sounds like a way for them to make more $-imho!). Anyhoo-I already know that I need 2 root canals and I just wanted to see how much money it will cost with my insurance-I want to get them done before I lose my insurance!!
Well-I gotta run! Hope you all have a great day! is the link that we use to check out movies that we worry may be questionable-NOW, we will be checking out ALL movies!
It is a movie review website-from a Christian's perspective (by "focus on the family")!

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