Monday, January 26, 2009

Our date night!

Last night, Brett and I celebrated our 14th anniversary by going out on a date! We left around 2 pm and we walked around Citrus Park mall for a while, then we stopped by "The fresh market"-the yummiest store-ever, packed with all kinds of healthy (and not so healthy!)goodies! My favorites there are dried pineapple, Bourbon pecans, and trail mixes. After we loaded up on goodies, we went to the Melting Pot-my favorite restaurant! Brett had ordered, a head of time, that a flower arrangement be set out on our table before we arrived! So sweet! When you buy that package, they also take your picture-we have several years worth of melting pot pictures to look back on!We always order the fiesta cheese fondue-YUM! I got the house salad-with a sweet honey dressing (Brett got Cesar salad), then we got the court bouillon classic-with chicken, steak, terryakki steak, sun dried tomato chicken and shrimp. It also comes with all kinds of veggies! They serve it with the yummiest sauces! Yogurt curry, plumb sauce, terryakki, cocktail sauce, green goddess-they are all so amazing! Then....the manager treated us to a chocolate fondue-since Brett delivers tanks there! We got the tiramisu with dark chocolate! It comes with cheesecake, pound cake, strawberries, bananas, brownies and marshmallows. I was so full that I could barely walk out of there! BTW-I am paying for it today!! I always feel sick the day after I eat too much! Anyhoo-we had a really great time together last night! Every year, I kid around with Brett and tell him that the only reason he stays married to me is so he can keep going to the Melting Pot every year! After we ate, we went to see the movie "Marley and Me"-the plot was decent, but I was unhappy by all the "junk" they put in it! For a PG rating, I would expect a lot less cussing and a WHOLE lot less sexual references! I am SOOO glad that we did not take our kids to see it!

Well, that is how our date night went-I really enjoy spending time with Brett, we always have a great time and a laugh a lot!
yeah, yeah! I know we have a lot of pictures of us kissing...well, that is because we kiss a lot! LOL! BTW-Brooke was our photographer last night-I just did a little "editing"!

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