Monday, November 10, 2008

Yesterday was an awesome family day! After church, we rested for a bit (Brett worked until after 2:00 am Sunday morning), then we headed out to Citrus park mall. Maddie had something that she needed to exchange, Brooke had a charm that was recalled (due to the amount of lead),we had a $24 gift card for The Disney Store & I had a $10 coupon (off ANY $10 or more purchase) at Victoria's Secret. So, we decided to go to the mall to take care of all of that stuff. Maddie and Brooke put their $ together at Limited too and bought a set of "text messaging" gadgets and the HSM3 soundtrack. At the Disney Store the girls got HSM t-shirts ($4.99 each!) and Bubba got a Narnia play set ($7.50!)... and I bought Karen a Christmas present there (YES at the Disney Store!)-the girls say that I will NEVER be able to wait until Christmas to give it to her! (Being as stubborn as I am...NOW I WILL wait!-gonna be hard though!) I just can't help it! I can not stand waiting for anything...I LOVE to give surprises and I can not handle NOT knowing what I am getting! (I am REALLY bad at this...REALLY! Our kids go to the dollar store to buy Brett and I gifts....I can have to even peek at THOSE ! And yes, I am ashamed to admit, I even peek at the handmade gifts they make at school! I told you I was BAD!)
Anyhoo-not gonna share what I bought at VS ;) (Ha! You know you were wondering!)-but the kids got a lot of goodies-without spending the money! I told Brett that we did not teach Bubba a very good lesson about $. On the way to the mall we went through McD'a drive thru and bought hamburgers to keep us held over until we got home. Spencer started whining about not being able to get a "happy meal"-so I told him that if he wanted to spend his allowance-then he could get one. Well, I never dreamed he'd do that since he knew we were going to the mall and that would leave him flat broke! He handed over his $3.00 and bought himself a happy meal and yet he STILL got a toy at the mall! (We did not mention to the kids that we had the gift card-so he did not know that he'd still be able to buy something.)
Oh well, I felt guilty about him having to buy his own food anyway-and since the girls had a ton of $ to spend at Limited too....I guess it equaled out. (Oh great! Now I have "MOM guilt"!).

We had a free movie ticket, so we ended up taking the kids (BRETT) to see the new Madagascar movie. Brett could not wait for it to come out-he is such a nut! I thought that it was funny-but I was a bit disappointed by the reference made about "a witch doctor" and the "god of water". It was not something that "took over" the whole movie, but I still did not like the fact that it was in it at all! We are very picky about what we allow the kids to watch-seriously picky! My kids have never even see "The little Mermaid" because there is a witch in it! Anyhoo-aside from that-it was pretty funny! Alright...I have rambled on enough. time to start cuttin' coupons!


Anonymous said...

Disney Store is a great place to buy gifts!

michelle said...

My sister got great buys yesterday at the disney store...she was so excited, couldn't wait to call to tell me...and of course I couldn't go! :( Loooove a good bargain! =]