Friday, October 24, 2008

Yesterday was NUTS! I went on a field trip with Maddie's 4th grade class (which was SOOO awesome! We went to Pioneer village/museum-in Dade city. It was like stepping onto the set of "Little House"! I took over 200 pics-can't wait to find time to edit them! I will post them when I do!). After we got home I started supper to take to Nikki (who is recovering from surgery), just as I got started...Brooke called and said she needed to be picked up since practice was cancelled. I left to go get her and then came home to finish up supper. Once I finished I left to take it to Nikki-I got LOST trying to find the back way to her house! Finally figured it out after driving in circles! Rushed home...ate supper and started picking up the house (which was destroyed from 2 days of being too busy to keep "on top" of things....amazing how quickly that happens and how little it takes to make this tiny house look like a tornado has gone through it! Anyhoo....we all worked together on the house, trying to make it "livable" again-LOL and then I crashed into the bed and watched the Rays game with Brett.

I have spent the morning decorating for Maddie's B-day party tonight and getting everything ready for that. She is so excited!!! I will be sure to take lots of pics and post them this weekend! In a little bit-I need to go pick up Brett's check from the limo company and cash it so I can go pick up the cupcakes for the party. Until then....I am gonna get a shower and try to rest a bit-I am WORN out!

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