Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weight Watchers

Tomorrow I am going to my first meeting since my surgery. I am a little bit anxious about it-not just because I know that I have gained a bit, but also because I will have to weigh in while wearing my brace-it weighs almost 3 lbs. I know that even with the weight I have gained (I think about 7 lbs) I am not over my WW goal-which is higher than my personal goal, but I am pretty sure that the brace will put me over. I pray that they have "mercy" on me and deduct the weight of my brace or at least not charge me for being over goal. My leader is really nice and she is very understanding, so I do not think there will be a problem. She even gave me a 3 month grace period because she knew that after surgery I would not be able to make it to at least one meeting a month-which is what WW requires to keep a "lifetime" membership. I am ready to get "back in the game" NOW so I am not gonna take advantage of the third month of "grace". I want to be able to fit into my clothes once I am able to take this brace off-so I'd better get started now! Otherwise......I am gonna be in a "mess of trouble" trying to find something to wear! For now, I am wearing elastic waisted pants and I bought 1 pair of capris that are a couple of sizes larger than the size I wear-they fit over my brace perfectly. I even bought a pair of MATERNITY capris!! They were only $5.00 at JC Penny's so I bought them to wear until my brace comes off.

Brett and I are heading out for our first date since my surgery!! My Aunt bought us tickets to see the movie "Fireproof"-I have heard really great things about it so I am excited about going to see it tonight!! Plus...............Kirk Cameron was my teenage "heart throb". Don't worry, Brett already knows ;).
Anyway, we are about to leave for that-I will update you all on my weigh in tomorrow! Send me all your "skinny vibes" :).
STILL looks good!

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