Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mom guilt!

There is a little thing I like to call......."Mom guilt"! It seems like no matter what I do or do not do-I have some level of Mom guilt! My favorite line from the movie "Toy Story" is when Rex says "Oh great! Now I have guilt!" I can feel guilt about things I did not even do if I THINK that someone thinks I did it! Anyhoo-this one is not about me though. It is about how schools use "mom guilt" to raise money! All three kids came home from school today so excited about getting to go on a class trip.........IF they sell 10 items out of a fund raiser catalog! Do the math-that means 30 items need to be sold so my kids can go on the trip. Spencer keeps saying that the money raised is gonna help "feed the kids in California"- truth is that part of it goes to the school and the other part goes to feed kids in Africa! So, we are gonna give it our best shot-but I am afraid that even "Mom guilt" is not gonna make this one happen!

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