Saturday, August 23, 2008

Update and "The case of the missing chocolate!"

I have been good-I 've spent most of my time in bed, as ordered. Today, a couple of Moms from the church came by and picked up the kids and took them bowling. I am sure that they are enjoying getting some time away! We have been so blessed by all the help that we have been getting! Each night we pray for the family who brought us a meal-last night we had grilled chicken and grilled veggies,rice and watermelon! I have learned that we have some really good cooks in our church! Linda also loaned us 2 movies-from the Christian book store-and gave us some popcorn. We watched the first movie last night, it was really good! It was about a basketball coach who takes on coaching a girl's basketball team. Tomorrow night we are going to watch the 2nd one.

Brett just left for work and with the kids being gone this house is so quiet! It's the first time I have been left alone since my surgery-a little scary but I am ok. Brett got everything set up for me so it is all within reach. know how sometimes the tinyest thing can just drive you nuts? Well, the week after my surgery I got a gift from my "secret sister" at church. She bought me a beautiful picture frame and a card-well, in the card she wrote something like "I love chocolate too!". So, my question is...what happened to my chocolate?! There was not any chocolate in the bag-doesn't it sound like that there used to be? Maybe not...maybe she was just stating that we have something in common..who knows? Anyhoo-I guess I will have to wait 6 months (for the reveal) to find out! I just think it was kinda weird-that's all. If you happen to be my secret sis-thanks for the frame! It is perfect! And...if there happened to be chocolate in the bag and it just did not quite make it to me-don't worry! I really do not need it anyway! I am moving at a snail's pace (when I am moving!) and I am worried about not being able to fit into my clothes once I am allowed to take the brace off! (I am in elastic waisted clothes for now). I guess it is just something to keep me guessin'!

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