Sunday, July 13, 2008

What really matters

Visual Poetry -
Ok-I already know that my family is....well...."different". I get that. And I realize that I do not "fit the mold". I am ok with that too. What I do not understand is why other people are so caught up in things that really do not matter. Let me back up a little and say (for those of you who may not know)-I was in a car accident in 2004-it changed my life and how I view the world around me. In a matter of seconds my life could have been taken (thank God for seat belts!! USE them!). It was after my accident that the doctors found the tumor in my spine-I was shifted from doctor to doctor-test after test, and it took months to find out that I did not have cancer. Dealing with all of it really put my life into perspective and I realized that a lot of what we think "matters" really has no impact on our lives. Most of the things that we fret over and worry about-mean nothing in a life or death situation. I no longer worry about the small stuff, you WILL see me in Wal Mart with my hair pulled up, wearing no make up. You may see my kids (or me!) with pink hair, or chunky blond highlights. You will definitely find me wearing jeans on a Sunday morning (gasp!)-or even capris-with my tattoo proudly displayed! You will see video of me, my family, or my husband acting crazy-dancing to Toby Mac. None of that "stuff" matters. I have heard from a few of my readers that we are a "crazy" family (and not in a good tone-I will add)-it really is ok. They (or you) may not understand me-you may judge me by my appearance, you may not appreciate the things I find funny, you may even be offended by my kids having pink hair-but if you really knew me-if you understood all I have gone through to get to this point, you may be more accepting. I never want to hurt anyone, or truly offend people-but some people are going to be offended no matter what you do. So, I am going to live my life, really live my life, appreciating each and every day-knowing it is a gift from God. I can learn to accept differences in other people-but I really wish that everyone could know "what really matters" and what doesn't. I wish you all...the important things in life-family, health, happiness, love...... .

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Jennie said...

If my opinion counts for anything, I think you live your life in such a grand way. Every family is not the same, and what a boring world it would be if we were. I could probably take a few lessons from you because I know I sometimes focus too much on raising "proper" young ladies rather than godly young women that know what really matters in life. Keep up the good work. Let me know if you need any help during your recovery.