Saturday, July 19, 2008

One last trip..

The kids and I (along with Brooke's best friend) are going back up to Cross city for one last time before my surgery. I really wanted to just take some time to spend with them and have fun with them since I will not be able to do anything with them for several weeks after my surgery. We are going to go to the springs and we are just gonna kick back and relax and spend some time together-we are really looking forward to it! We will be back on Thursday because Brooke and Chelsea are going to "Blizzard Beach" with the youth group on Friday. That next week is going to be kinda hectic-we are going to try to get everything ready for the kids to start school, it is also my best friend's B-day so we are having a "Girl's night out" on Tuesday. Then Wednesday I have my pre-op appt at USF. My kids are all going to Pensacola, with Brett's parents, to visit Brett's brother and his family the week of my surgery-I think that it is best that way so they will not be as concerned for me and my mom will be able to stay with me at the hospital without worrying about taking care of the kids. I am not really that nervous about the surgery-more concerned about the recovery! I am also worried about getting sick from the anesthesia and pain meds-the 2 times that I had surgery in the past I woke up "puking". I do not handle pain meds very well! The last time I was in the hospital they gave me a med to keep me from getting sick from the pain meds and it did not work. I am ramblin' on tonight-huh? Anyhoo..just something ya'll can help me pray about. It is bad enough to be in pain, but then to be sick on top of that (which then makes the pain worse) is NO fun! Some people act as though I should not have the surgery-I guess because of the risks and because there are no guarantees (my surgeon was upfront about that). BUT...there are no other options for me. The surgeon told me that my spine was too far gone for anything else to work-it is either "live with it" or try the surgery. I am DONE "living with it"-tired of it. I have been praying for years for insurance so I could get help-now that I have it-I do not understand why people are questioning my decision. I did not even need to "think" about it-the surgeon told me about the surgery and I made the date within mins. This is an answer to prayer....LOTS of prayer.....lots of tears. I am sure that 2 weeks from now it may not "feel" like that-but I am believing that the fusions will work and I will be better in the end.

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