Friday, July 11, 2008

More info

I got a little more info on what kind of surgery I will be having. I guess they will put some screws into my vertebrae and place a "metal cage" on my spine-then they take some bone from my hip and place it in (and around?) the metal parts- The bone is supposed to grow over the metal pieces and cause a fusion of all of the bones from L4-S1 (within about 9 months). One question...will I now make metal detectors go off? ;) They called me this morning and wanted to move the surgery to next Tuesday-July 15th, but Aug 5th is a better date for my Mom to come down to help me. I am kinda glad it worked out that way-I am going to try and get out 6 weeks worth of energy between now and then! I want to run, and swim and dance........

Every doctor I have seen has asked me what I did to get my spine in such bad shape-yesterday, the doc asked me if I was an "athlete"-uhhh...NO! He told me that the type of spinal injuries that I have are what they expect to see in pro football players! Makes you wonder, huh?

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