Monday, May 5, 2008

Southern roots

Maybe I still have some of my southern roots-because I am just so "tickled" (that means excited-for all ya'll "yankees")that I saw a wild gobbler (turkey) while I was out for my walk this morning! He was just a "gobblin'" too! He even had a beard! I chased him back into the woods where he wandered from-I wished I had my camera or my video camera (or a riffle for that matter!)! I did have my cell phone-so I did get a couple shots with it-but the quality ain't (isn't) any good. I asked a guy in a pick up truck if he had a gun and he laughed when I told him the turkey would be "some good eatin'". I'd have to say I am the least "southern" of all my family (except for my brother maybe)-but I'd have to say that I am the most "southern" of all my friends (and Brett's family for sure!-he did not even know what "britches" were when we started dating!) Anyway-I just had to share my experience from this morning-I may bring my camera along tomorrow!

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